Game on Three

Matty Grey's sold out smash hit is back! An hilarious show for kids about video games, with comedy, surprises, and EPIC Nerf gun battles.

Like John Farnham, Matty Grey is doing a farewell show about video games! Well, John Farnham doesn't do shows about video games, but parents reading this will get the joke here. It's for kids, about video games, comedy and EPIC Nerf gun battles.

Adelaide Advertiser Best Family Fun 2021

★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser 2021

★★★★ Clothes Line

“It’s not every show that you get to throw poo around.” Kiddeo Magazine

★★★★ "A heck of a way to spend an hour, and there's plenty here to keep the adults more than entertained."

Parlour, Stirling

Sat 16th Apr 2022, 1:15pm

Tickets: $20 - $70 + BF

Duration; 60 minutes

Rating: G


Parlour, Lobethal

Sat 23rd Apr 2022, 1:15pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Tickets: $20 - $70 + BF

Rating: G



About the Family Pass:

A family pass must include AT LEAST 1 adult and 2 children

In other words, you can grab a family pass if you have the following combinations:

  • 2 adults 2 children

  • 1 adult 3 children