i am root

Told from the perspective of a Ukrainian Canadian living in the Adelaide Hills, this ritual performance piece wanders into how one might question, create and nourish culture in a globalised, colonised world. Olenka enlists her mother tongue (Ukrainian) and the mediums of song, dance, folk traditions and recipes, story, poetry and prayer to enliven the depths of the unspoken, mysterious places where spirit lives...if we're willing to cultivate it.

Most of us are transplants. Uprooted from one country and resettled, making home in another. Do you remember where you came from? What happens when culture, language and ancestry are left behind? A lot of lumber, but few roots. What now?

Seed. Water. Root. Grow. Harvest. Eat. Die. Decompose. Repeat.

We are future roots.

WINNER: Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award 2022

Parlour, Stirling

Mon 18 Apr, 8:15pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Tickets: $28 - $30+ BF

Rating: M15+